Healthy Eating Includes Organic Nuts and Seeds

Healthy Eating Includes Organic Nuts and Seeds
20 May, 2019

Healthy Eating Includes Organic Nuts and Seeds

The human body is a wonderful system that requires very specific materials if it is to function properly. You have to drink water; eat a blend of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and protein; keep an eye on your fibre intake, and so much more. However, the key to it all is to be sure that you eat a healthy diet.

The Benefits of Organic Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are tiny little powerhouses packed with some of the best nutrients possible. Though a lot of people wrinkle their noses over nuts or seeds because they think of them as snack foods, “bird food”, extras to be added to another dish, or even as “fattening” foods, they would all be making a mistake in judgment.

Yes, it is not healthy eating to fill your diet with snack foods and certainly there are the “bad” fats to be worried about. However, none of these worries apply to organic nuts or seeds. They are not huge sources of saturated fats that are full of hazardous compounds such as cholesterol. Nor are they “empty” calories that cause you to gain weight without also gaining nutrients.


Walnuts as an Example

1. Prevents skin damage

2. Maintains a healthy glow

3. Reduces puffy and saggy skin

4. Maintains healthy circulation

5. Improved Bone Health

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