Why Organic Tea is better Vs. Conventional Tea

Why Organic Tea is better Vs. Conventional Tea
20 May, 2019

Difference between Organic tea and Ordinary tea






Organic means no chemicals

Organic tea is grown without the use of chemicals fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. That directly means no chemicals in your cup of tea!

Conventional tea-growing methods may maximize production in the short term, but there is a serious threat to the human health.


Better for the Farmers


As organic farming is done without chemicals or pesticides, there is no harm to the farmers & workers who are directly engaged in various activities of tea-gardens.

Tea farmers and field workers often spray crops unmasked and without gloves or other protective gear. Pesticide poisoning is common, which causes terrible symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, itching, burning, diarrhoea and muscle pain, and at the extreme end, infertility and lives lost to cancer.



Doesn't Cause Major Environmental Damage

Organic farming is widely considered to be a far more sustainable alternative when it comes to tea production. The lack of pesticides and wider variety of plants enhances biodiversity and results in better soil quality and reduced pollution from fertilizer or pesticide run-off.

Conventionally grown tea is one of the most environmentally devastating crops in Asia. Because it is often grown at higher elevations, the chemicals applied to conventional tea farms not only damage the local ecosystem but run-down mountains and hills to wreak havoc on other farms, forests, rivers and even oceans located miles and miles away.


Or maybe the question should be, is it worth drinking organic tea? That question can now only be answered by you!

As for us, we've always been convinced that organic is worth every penny. Not only does organic tea farming produce higher-quality teas, but it's also so much better for you! Whether you enjoy iced tea or hot tea, or if you prefer loose leaf tea or tea bags, we believe drinking organic tea is best. That's why at Addfresh, we are so passionate about only including organic tea in the collection, because we strongly believe in the health of the planet, the tea growers and you.
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