Why Organic Matters

Why Organic Matters
20 May, 2019

Whether it’s through the local CSA, a neighbourhood farmer’s market, or the grocery store down the street, we’re all pretty well-trained at this point to at least look for organic options. But, do you know why?

Going Organic” is more than just adopting chemical- and pesticide-free farming practices. It’s a conscious lifestyle change, that has great positive potential for individuals as well as Mother Nature. One study from Newcastle University in England, for example, found that organic produce had up to 40 percent higher levels of vitamin C, zinc, iron and other key nutrients. Scientists from the University of Florida found that organically grown produce had a concentration of cancer-fighting “phytonutrients” up to 25 percent higher than its conventional counterpart.


“In organic soil, nitrogen releases slowly into plants, letting them grow at their own sweet, natural pace.”

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